The Battle of Heart Vs. Head

a villanelle

Words stumbled from your mouth, from what you said
it was apparent you had not a clue,
and I stood in awe, just shaking my head.

The sun was slowly sinking, blazing red,
my thoughts were racing my heart, fighting for you,
making excuses for what you had said.

I knew this day would come, that I had read,
I should have prepared to start life anew,
use the maps and blueprints crammed in my head.

There were lines not to cross, tempers to tread,
echoing like a parrot, love you, too,
yet you didn’t even know what you said.

Common sense said, Go! Packed my bags and fled,
but my heart clung to your smiles, though far and few,
slow to catch on to the thoughts in my head.

Your words were like sunshine, light has been shed,
lies now exposed, casting a sickening hue,
there is no taking back what you have said
I’m walking away with my heart and head.