a poem addressing a person

If you could see me right now
Warm sun glowing on my skin
The southwest wind in my hair
Blowing like a ship set sail

Would you schedule a minute,
On your status affirming phone
That is attached to your hand,
Or press pause and just live?

Just to be with me, without ringtones
Like battle cries of corporate demands
Your expectations high above the clouds
 Your feet still on the ground, racing

Trying to beat a race with your watch
The fruits of your labor, dictating
Your labor schedule, never-ending
 Just like the steady tick tock of time

You rise with the sun each morning
Too busy to regard it’s steady climb
Instead you convince yourself that
A thick wallet can purchase happiness.

That your biweekly piece of paper
Will leave you with a long-lasting smile
As you watch it drain, every swipe
Of plastic, leaving your well bone dry.

It will leave you always wanting more
Clocking more hours just to buy more time
And a house you only sleep in because
You actually live, suit & tie, in your office.

With it’s anemic asylum walls, barren
And blatant glow of dual monitors
A framed photo, dusty glass protecting
The reflection of our former selves.

In the past, documented history
A moment when time was treasured
You held me as if I were porcelain
And I believed forever was real

Until reality set in and then disappeared
Into the fog, smog, and pollution
Of a failed relationship, so tragic
And yet just a part of the story.

A chapter that we’ll live to tell about
A time when young love reigned
And hijacked our common sense
In favor of hopes and dreams

 Until your hopes became dollar signs
Losing the battle and then the war
To the voracity of your American dream
But I’m still watching and wondering

If only you could see me now
Then this time could be different
If only you would take the time
To really truly see me at all.