Here's what Sara's classmates had to say about her work... 
    "The imagery of your words is sharply visible. The pictures that form from the words, even as simple as they are, were incredibly sharp." Heather Flowers

    "Great job on your poem. Your words paint a beautiful and clear picture."  Judy Young

    "I love your poem! Each line is packed full of imagery. I cannot pick out a favorite line, they all add to the overall scene." Gloria Baumann

    "Your poem pulled at my heart strings.  It makes you wonder how many people actually go back to visit their "discarded moments" from life of old.  The remembering of his cologne line really hit my heart.  You have a terrific sense of poetry within you and I look forward to reading more of your work." Kristy O’Neal-Nelms

    "Really like your metaphors and figurative language in your poem about time.  It really sure consumes us all." Jana Whatley

    "You did a marvelous job of celebrating the peach! It made my mouth water a little. You described it so well that you made me want one. What a delicious fruit!" Emily Delarre

    "You have such an original voice when you write and you never sound as if you're forcing anything out." Destavie Ellis