a question poem

What if you stayed
here beside me
limbs tangled and hearts beating?
Could I convince you
that I find bliss
in the creases around your mouth
when you smile,
watching the shapes
that your lips form
when you whisper my name
and warmth in the
deep brown of your eyes
and that you could find happiness
in mine?
Why is that although
separated by mountains and miles
and sometimes years
between reunions,
the spark endures
like a magnetic pull
and uncontrollable?
How much longer
can we continue to dream
together yet apart
before one of us leaps
succumbing to the depth
of the feelings
which have been cultivated
over the past 15 years,
so that our dates conducted
via wireless networks
can take place as we hold hands
and fall into each other’s smiles?
How can I say goodbye to you
to the long weekend
too short
that we shared
heartbeats, pressed together
forgetting the world
around us
your fingertips tracing
love letters across my arms
as you try to
persuade me to move
and I promise soon?
Why should love
be restricted,
by time or distance?