Lost & Found

a place poem

Crooked unframed photographs
With peeling scotch taped corners
Dotted the wood panel walls.
A single shelf above the bed
Displayed series of adventures
Disguised as perfectly bound books.
me in my 1st apartment (notice the radiator behind me)
The tiny plastic table in the corner
And a folding chair for one
Reminded me of my solitude.
An orchestra of old hidden pipes
Carried hot water to the radiator
Where my pink mittens dried.
The worn carpet was checkered
Its shallow intersecting grooves
That collected dirt and memories.
A small window above the sink
Inviting in the bright rays of sun
That made the herbs grow tall.
A small square advertisement
In a half frozen newspaper
Became my first apartment.
It started as a small square room
Grew into a welcome home and
Became a series of life lessons.
What began as a last resort
At a time when I wandered lost
Was where I found myself.